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Welcome to the Minot Area Senior Hockey League website.  The primary goal of MASH is to promote a healthy and fun recreational adult hockey league in Minot by providing oversight of theleague administration, improving parity among teams, promoting sportsmanship, and encouraging players at all skill levels to participate.  To see the latest happenings in the league please check out the News section.



2018/2019 Hockey Season

Fellow hockey players, the summer has come to a close and it is time to start the Senior Hockey League once again.  As in the past the league can not be successful without goalies or referrees.  If you are a goalie or a referee and would like some ice time please Contact Us or visit Duffy's Hockey and Sports and fill out your contact information so we can get in touch with you.


We had a lot of new faces last year but we also had quite a few veterans of the MASH league come out. This year looks to have a lot of new faces once again. We will once again be allowing partial teams to be built where a team captain can recruit 6 guys to play on his team as core players outside of the draft. The remainder of the roster will be filled via the draft. Restriction do apply so please read the registration sheets for details. Any players wishing to get on a team will be put on the list of available draft players. If you want to draft a full team we are allowing that option as well, just check the team captain on the registration form. Registration Forms and Fees are due at the same time. Any registration form turned in without being filled out completely and with proper payment will not be included in the draft, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you haven't paid your fees don't expect to play. It is your responsibility to get a jersey of the same color as the team you are on prior to your third game played. We will use the power play for penalties again this season. Penalties will be 3 minute run time. This is a recreational league where people come to have fun and be competitive. If we get enough goalies signed up this year we would like to try and assign a goalie to each team.

The total number of games played will be determined by the number of teams registered and the amount of ice time available. Playoffs will be a single elimination tournament at the end of the regular season schedule.

NOTE:  Only players and teams that have submitted a registration and appropriate fees will be included in the draft.  DO NOT MISS THE DEADLINE!! 


For more information please refer to Rules and Regulations


Rules and Regulations have been posted on the website for all players to read and be informed about. We continue to discourage fighting and other inappropriate behavior in our adult league. If you are involved in a fight , you should expect to sit a calendar year and be on probation for any sessions participated in thereafter.  A second fighting offense will result in a termination from the league permanently with no refund of fees paid.  The message is DON'T FIGHT!! Defending yourself does not require swinging back. Cover up and skate away.  Abuse of Officials will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly. Abuse of the Goaltenders will not be tolerated and will result in a Bench Minor penalty to the offending team.

Please make sure that you are out of the locker rooms within 45 minutes after your game ended.  Thanks!!

Download Player Registration Form here.  Or pick one up today at Duffy's Hockey and Sports.


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